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What do I do to break routine?
Последнее сообщение от Katerina в :

Routine is a habitual or fixed way of doing things. This definition is taken from Cambridge Dictionary and I find it very positive. If we are speaaking about this meaning of routine I would not like to break it at all. A habitual or fixed way of doing things saves your time and it is well-known that time is money. Anyway the mojority of people find routine very boring and annoying, some of them are even afraid to have it in their private life. I presume it depends on a person. If a person is active, routine does not exist in their life, otherwise a person is absolutely bored.

Nowadays it is normal to have an active life, a life full of events, meetings, hobbies, maybe because of this the word routine has a negative meaning.

However, I envy people who have life full of routine. You don't need to think about habitual actions, you save your mental sources for something much more important. Of course, I must admit, that there are two kinds of habitual actions.

For example, watching TV, drinking coffee, smoking in the morning are habitual actions as well as cleaning your teeth, having a cold shower, going jogging, but do you feel the difference?

I would like to have a lot of habitual actions, thus a lot of routine in my life. For example, waking up early, not eating after six p.m., having a shower every evening before going to bed are routine that I would like to have always in my life.

All the same there is another conception of the word "routine" in my mind. I can describe routine as a kind of a stream, when you get into it you do not even remember what you were doing. You seem to be a robot, a kind of machine, you switch off all your feelings and thoughts, you just do what you are supposed to do..

In this sense routine is terrible, it makes you be something unreal that does not exist. When I have this kind of feeling I tell myself "Stop!" I want to be here, I want to be now, I want to think and to feel it at this very moment.